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  • May 18, 2021
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  • District 1199 Newsletter
    May 15, 2021

    Disciplined? You have the right to request removal of disciplinary documentation after one year.

    Our contracts state:

    “Disciplinary material placed in an Employee's personnel record shall be removed upon the employee's specific request twelve (12) months after the date that the discipline was imposed. A dated receipt shall be given to the employee. Discipline and journal entries that are over twelve (12) months old shall not be relied upon for the imposition of further discipline.”

    Educational Leave. Your contract allows you to request paid educational leave of up to 40 hours (prorated to your FTE). Educational leave time resets every June 30th – have you requested to use yours? Was your request denied?

    Our contracts state:

    “In order to facilitate employees attending pertinent job-related conferences, seminars and training courses or to obtain CEUs and training courses available both within or outside the Hospital, employees may be permitted up to forty (40) hours of paid leave during a fiscal year for this purpose, which will be prorated as follows: .5FTE may be eligible for up to 20 hours, .6FTE may be eligible for up to 24 hours, .7FTE may be eligible for up to 28 hours, and .75 FTE and above may be eligible for up to 40 hours. The appropriate Administrator or designee must approve any leaves pursuant to this provision prior to the leave being taken. Management approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Copies of all request forms will be returned to the employee indicating the action.”

    District News! Do you know, District 1199NM represents workers at other facilities too? Watch for the upcoming District newsletter for chapter updates!

    Support staff Uniforms: If you are having difficulties obtaining uniforms, including delays, please contact the office at 505-884-7713.


    Union Contract:

    Why Join your Union?:

    Have Questions? Want to get involved? Contact your Union Member representatives.

    UNMH Avance Noticiero

    ¿Disciplinado/a? Usted tiene el derecho de solicitar la remoción de documentación disciplinaria después de un año.

    Nuestro contrato expone:

    “El material disciplinario colocado en el historial de personal del empleado/a deberá ser removido al solicitarlo específicamente el empleado/a doce (12) meses después de la fecha que se impuso la disciplina. Un recibo fechado se deberá dar al empleado/a. No se deberá depender en las entradas disciplinarias y del diario que tienen más de doce (12) meses para la imposición de más disciplina.”    

    Licencia educativa. Su contrato le permite solicitar licencia educativa pagada hasta 40 horas (prorrateada a su FTE). El tiempo de licencia educativa se reinicia cada 30 de junio-¿ha solicitado usar la de usted? ¿Fue denegada su solicitud?

    Nuestro contrato expone:

    “A fin de facilitar que los empleados asistan a conferencias, seminarios y cursos de capacitación relacionadas al empleo pertinentes o para obtener CEUs y cursos de capacitación disponibles dentro y fuera del Hospital, a los empleados se les puede permitir hasta cuarenta (40) horas de licencia pagada durante el año fiscal para este propósito, el cual será prorrateado como sigue: .5FTE puede ser elegible hasta 20 horas, .6FTE puede ser elegible hasta 24 horas, .7FTE puede ser elegible hasta 28 horas y .75FTE y más arriba puede ser elegible hasta 40 horas. El Administrador o su designado apropiado tiene que aprobar cualquier licencia conforme a esta provisión antes de que se lleve a cabo la licencia. La aprobación de la administración no deberá retenerse excesivamente. Copias de todos los formularios solicitados se retornarán al empleado/a que indica la acción.”

    ¡Noticias del Distrito! ¿Sabía usted que el Distrito 1199NM representa a trabajadores en otras instalaciones? ¡Esté al tanto del boletín informativo del Distrito para actualizaciones de los capítulos!

    Uniformes del Personal de Apoyo: Si usted está teniendo dificultades para obtener uniformes, incluyendo retrasos, por favor contacte a la oficina al 505-884-7713.

    ¿Tiene preguntas? ¿Quiere involucrarse? Contacte a sus representantes sindicales.

    May 08, 2021
    Negotiations Update: Negotiations resume 5/10. No meetings took place this week. Support staff Uniforms: If you are having difficulties obtaining uniforms, including delays, please contact the office at 505-884-7713. UH Managers do not have to act with integrity.
    Apr 30, 2021
    Negotiations UPDATE We base our proposals for negotiations on what members think is important. Our pre-negotiations survey revealed your priorities, including general wage increase and wages that correspond to your years of service.
    Apr 23, 2021
    April 22, 2021 HAPPY EARTH DAY! News Flash Week Strength in numbers! Because of our Union, workers at UNMH have the opportunity to be involved with their rates of pay and working conditions. If there is something that you don’t like or is not right, you have an avenue to get involved and fix it.
    Apr 14, 2021
    Another Union Win!   Patient Financial Services (PFS) employees work and park in downtown Albuquerque. The parking structure they used, owned by the City of Albuquerque, and rented to the Hospital by Molina, was unsafe.
    Mar 29, 2021
    Download PDF Version here.
    Mar 20, 2021
    Negotiations is a process that allows the Union representatives to come to the bargaining table with hospital management to represent you. This year we are entering into negotiations for wages only. We will negotiate for the full contract next year, 2022. This week during negotiations we discussed ground rules, which set the parameters and tone for our sessions.
    Mar 09, 2021
    Negotiations start March 15, 2021 Your Union and hospital will start negotiations for wages beginning on March 15. You should have received a members only emailed survey. Please respond to the survey as soon as possible.
    Feb 26, 2021
    UNMH News Flash February 25, 2021 Safety First: According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) hospitals are one of the highest risk work environments (
    Feb 04, 2021
    The Heath Security Planning and Design Act (HB 203) has been introduced at the State Legislature. This legislation establishes a public process to start developing the many details of the Plan, based on the Framework presented in the 2019 Health Security Act.
    Jan 28, 2021
    A benefit of seniority: There are two types of seniority- hospital and department. Seniority is defined as the length of time an employee has been continuously employed. Do you know, the longer you are employed by the hospital determines how much vacation time you earn? The longer you are there, the more you earn. For your first year you earn 10 days of annual leave, prorated by your FTE.
    Jan 21, 2021
    Monday, January 18 was a day of remembrance for Martin Luther King, Jr.: Martin Luther King, Jr. was and remains a powerful force for positive and equality in our day to day lives. So much has been written about him, is common knowledge, and is readily available, but did you know that he was also influential in our very Union? Please follow the link to learn more: https://nuhhce.
    Jan 21, 2021
    District 1199NM University Hospital News Flash! January 14, 2021 As frontline workers, we live the effects of COVID-19 every day. We are doing what we can to care for our communities, but it is time we call on our communities to rise to the challenge of the moment.
    Dec 29, 2020
    NEWS FLASH! Our Union is hard at work! We need your participation to continue our growth and increase our strength.  Member participation is welcomed & encouraged!  If you are not a Union Member, take a moment and sign your card today.
    Download: BEST D1199NM - Membership Card.pdf

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