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Becoming a member of District 1199NM
Sep 20, 2023


Your Union is an organization comprised of your fellow coworkers organizing to improve working conditions and expand upon the rights we all enjoy. The Union members negotiate Union contracts that the hospital is legally obligated to comply with. When an employer diverges from any of those rights, terms and conditions, or treats workers unfairly, we have the resources to hold the employer to account through methods negotiated by your colleagues, such as grievances, hearings, class actions, and specifically related to topics such as pay and differentials (on-call pay, double-time, bonuses), benefits, leave time, how discipline is carried out, tuition reimbursements, etc.


At a non-Unionized workplace, you are employed “at-will”, meaning, the employer can hire, fire, demote, reduce pay, change your schedule at the last minute, reduce benefits, withdraw medical/dental insurance benefits, change hours, change schedules, and require on-call without additional pay. Those workers have few rights to exercise and voice their concerns --- if they do, they are at the mercy of their bosses. When the actions of the employer violate a state or federal law (which many have limitations) the worker may have to choose to take legal action or quit their job.


The services members enjoy come from their commitment to one another, in solidarity, with the belief that UNION work carries value. Union workers believe that expertise in health care deserves a seat at the decision-making table. Your Union is member-driven, member-led, and member-funded. Union members take great pride in that they lead an organization that is 100% grassroots. Your Union’s funding is not tied to foundations, charities, nor government grants, but by the very people it represents. Thus, the organization only works in your collective interests.  

Belonging to a group that was created by healthcare workers and for healthcare workers, endured decades in New Mexico, challenging employers and building expectations is a special status and legacy that has provided opportunities for fellow healthcare workers and their families. The leadership we have built, the shared comradery, and the power we must exercise makes membership in your Union a meaningful experience rather than mere dues deductions. It is transformative and has set the standard for so many that have built this nation.


We ask for your membership because we believe it is important. It is certain you would not to go to a restaurant, retail store, or grocery store and even THINK of NOT paying for their services/products! Some might be tempted to think that the Union isn’t functioning, however, the Union and your contract are working every day on your behalf.  Or, you may have been told the Union has to represent you even if you don’t pay dues, but remember, without dues-paying members, there is no Union. The dues-paying members – your co-workers are working hard to keep and advance your wages, improve your working conditions, and maintain your contract. Your membership ensures that you will be treated with equity, professionalism, and fairness.


The Union’s ability to successfully negotiate rests in the hands of the members who pay dues and the power and strength of the Union is greater with every single member! Every person's commitment to improving the power of the Union is critical!


Maybe most employees don’t even make the connection. It’s not just a useless, meaningless organization that can survive without the support of dues payers. Nothing requires an employee to pay dues except their conscience, and their sense of duty to their fellow employees to support the very organization that makes their work-life better every single day.

You benefit from your Union contract. Your contract is a legal and binding contract – and you benefit from every single provision including pay raises, leave time, sick leave, educational leave, work schedules, hourly wages, differentials, and your overtime.

Click the link below -- do the right thing – sign a membership card and pay your fair share, then ask your friends and co-workers to do the same!


Commit to supporting YOUR union!

New Mexico Hospital Workers Union
130 Alvarado Drive, NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87108

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