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Why Pay Union Dues?
Sep 20, 2023
Union Dues
How much are Union dues?
Union dues are set by our national union and are based on your base pay and the number of hours you work. The calculation does not include overtime, differentials, or specialty pay. The formula is 2% (of the employees' base pay) X hours per pay period. The maximum any member pays is $37.50 per pay period. It is approximately 1.3 hours of hourly pay every two weeks. Dues help ensure strength, power, and solidarity!
How are dues spent?
Dues help cover the costs of:
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Maintaining Union Contracts
  • Publications and Newsletters
  • Grievances and Arbitrations
  • Legal Counsel
  • Annual Delegate Conferences
  • Education and training
  • Salaries of the Union Director, organizers, and office staff.
  • Maintenance of Union offices, phones, utilities, equipment, and supplies.
What kind of successes has the union had on behalf of workers?
Every day, union activists and staff work to enforce the union contracts, ensuring justice in disciplinary actions, mitigating management decisions, representing employees who are suffering discrimination or bullying, fighting for jobs, working together to negotiate better pay for all workers, and improving the working conditions of all employees. Look at your union contract - read it! You will find your salary and benefits are competitive with others in your industry. When workers have issues to deal with, they can seek the assistance of a delegate or officer at their workplace or contact the union office for guidance and representation.

New Mexico Hospital Workers Union
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