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August 13, 2021 Union News Flash - UNMH
Aug 18, 2021

Labor Management Update: Your Union meets with the Hospital every month for the purpose of discussing and resolving emerging issues. Here’s a summary of what we talked about on 26 July 2021:

Staffing & High-Capacity Alerts: The Hospital acknowledged there are some staffing challenges but they feel confident they are staffing in a safe manner.

Here are a few of your Union’s concerns:

Understaffing- in general & especially of inpatient areas.

Hall Beds- horrendous! Giving patients the choice of a hall bed or a transfer? At what point do we stop accepting patients?

Excessive Floating: Workers are floated more often than the limits provided for in the contract. This includes workers floating to staff other departments and leaving their home unit understaffed.  Are your floating rights violated?

Travelers: Extra hands are great, but they need to be informed and capable hands. Some travelers are not able to function without additional on-the-job training and support.

New Employees: Training new employees can be time consuming, but new employees are needed. The Union has heard of new employees quitting after seeing the working conditions on the units. How can we attract workers?

Lack of Supervisory support: Workers have reported that management has not provided help when asked. Your Union asked the hospital to have all supervisors, managers, directors, etc. wear scrubs and help ensure basic patient care needs were met (meals, toileting, turning, and ambulating), answer call bells, and provide breaks to workers. Your hospital's response: “these requests are being reviewed.”

What is next? The Hospital is getting by with poor staffing by playing on your sympathies and good nature.  This is the only Hospital in the city where you have the right to protect your professional standards through a grievance procedure and negotiation process. Only you know your situation and your licensure standards, & the hospital knows that is all that matters once you accept an assignment.

We need you to Take Action! We need to start filing grievances on unsafe situations that put you at risk. Call the Union office today for more details. 505.884.7713.

Insufficient Indoor & Outdoor seating for meals & breaks: Your Union request additional seating 2nd floor behind OR -outdoors, with awning or other shade source- Hospital response expected in the August meeting.

Ultimate KRONOS: The New KRONOS system. The Hospital describes it as a system that will eventually eliminate paper for time edits, time off requests, and eventually will tie into the scheduling systems. Your Union questioned why educational leave benefits of 40 hours per year (prorated to ones FTE) is not loaded into the system and, how will time off requests be managed if the system requires banked annual leave time before the request will be approved. Annual leave is also immediately debited from the worker account- Hospital response expected in the August meeting.


Call Back Pay Survey: http://z7tb.2.vu/4

OR Survey: http://z7tb.2.vu/2

Staffing Survey: http://z7tb.2.vu/1


Union Contract: http://www.nmhospitalworkersunion.com/

Why Join your Union?: http://z7tb.2.vu/3

Have Questions? Want to get involved? Contact your Union Member representatives:

Support Staff:

Martha Vargas, District 1199 Union President SS, mvargas8282@hotmail.com, 505-220-2042

Alicia Hernandez, Hernandez061769@gmail.com, 505-604-8492, delegate housekeeping

Norma Bojorquez, normabojor@gmail.com, 505-681-3359, delegate sterile processing

Licensed & Tech:

Gilberta Miera, District 1199 Union President L&T, gmie4@aol.com, 505-315-2223

Mike Mendez, District 1199 Union President L&T, jemez1722@yahoo.com, 505-203-4660

Maria Burke, mandr06@gmail.com 505-948-2043, delegate surgical specialties & News Flash Editor 

Robyn Blomberg, rkusiciel@gmail.com, 505-363-4953, delegate peds ED

Kristin Redman, pulmonary1199@gmail.com, 510-666-7794, delegate pulmonary

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