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  • April 19, 2021
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  • Becoming a member of District 1199NM
    Updated On: Feb 03, 2021

    Join the Union

    Becoming a member of District 1199NM is important! Your Union contract provides:

    A Voice:  

    Becoming a member allows you to voice your opinion and become active in negotiating your contract without fear of retaliation. You can express your professional opinion and voice your concerns.

    Job Security and Protection:

    Your union contract is a legally binding document that sets forth your wages, hours, and working conditions. It protects you from unjust disciplinary actions including terminations.

    Through the grievance process, employees can safely address contract violations with guidance and assistance from a union officer, delegate, or representative from the union office.

    District 1199NM is always negotiating for increased wages, improved working conditions, improved safety, and other terms and conditions of employment.

    STRENGTH and POWER are the greatest benefits:

    The greatest benefits of being a part of your union are the STRENGTH & POWER that comes from the solidarity with your co-workers and workers all across the country. You are not alone when you raise health and safety concerns, or when you fight for fair wages and treatment or when you file grievances or regarding national issues that impact you, your family, and your community. This strength and power translates into improved representation and better contract language. A strong membership sends the message that employees are sticking together. Your contract, your salary, and your benefits are some of the best in comparison to others in New Mexico and in the industry. Hospitals represented by District 1199NM lead the way determining wages and benefits. A strong and active membership can win improvements we all deserve.


    You would not expect to go into the grocery store or a restaurant, or a big box store and take something you didn't pay for. Your union dues are a necessary part of being affiliated with a strong, bold, powerful health care union with YOUR best interest and your bright future at heart. There are NO good reasons you should NOT pay dues and participate in YOUR union. Join your union family and talk to co-workers.

    Commit to involvement with YOUR union!

    Union members have access to more information on this site by registering.

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