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May 25, 2021


Our Union is hard at work! We need your participation to continue our growth and increase our strength.  Member participation is welcomed & encouraged!  If you are not a Union Member, take a moment and sign your card today. It can be printed, completed and emailed to the office or printed & mailed to the office at 130 Alvarado NE, Suite 100, Albuquerque, NM 87108 (See attachment)

Licensed & Tech: Grievances: Any dispute with regard to the terms of our Contract:

  •         Three grievances have been filed this month related to safety. More to come on these!
  •         The Union settled a double time grievance- The hospital affirms it will pay double time for hours worked after a 12-hour shift, beginning with the start of the employees work shift.

Labor Management Meeting Updates: A Union meeting with Human Resources for the purpose of fostering improved communications on issues pertaining to working conditions.

Weekly meetings due to the urgency & fluidity of the COVID pandemic. Here is a summary of our discussion:

1. Inclusion of COVID into “Universal Precautions” concept- consider everyone (including coworkers) as potential carriers. Continue wearing PPE!  What PPE issues & concerns do you have?

2. Surveillance testing for COVID- the hospital denies the need for this and believes it would provide a false sense of security. What is your opinion? Would you like surveillance testing?

3. Instillation of Air Scrubbers- the hospital reports approximately 100 air scrubbers are currently in use and they are making improvements to airflow systems to increase air turnover. Do you have concerns about your work area’s airflow?

4. Mixed use rooms increase worker risks: many rooms are used for multiple purposes- breaks, meals, work, and in some cases dirty utility, patient care supplies, and foods! Does your area have a mixed-use room? How is safety maintained in this area?

5. Facility cleanliness is an ongoing concern! The Union has asked for the hospital to hire more housekeepers with adequate coverage on all shifts- we believe our fellow housekeepers are overburdened and are in need of assistance. Does your area get cleaned as often as you believe is necessary? What else is needed? Supplies? Frequency? Have you asked for additional housekeeping services and been denied?

6. Clarity in COVID exposure follow up and employee exposure is requested. The hospital refuses to publish standards for consistency beyond what is already available. They cite frequency in changes of protocol as one reason. Have you had an exposure and were you told it was not necessary to report to OHS?

7. Contacting OHS has proven difficult for many, both due to the inability to leave a message and long waits for call backs. The Union has requested OHS call backs, especially when they have ordered a COVID test.

8. Administrative leave for mandatory COVID quarantine. The hospital continues to refuse to pay people for their time, instead workers are expected to use their own earned time. Now, the hospital is reporting that more community exposures are occurring than work related exposures. They chalk it up to workers bad behavior! What is your opinion about this? It is time to stand up and join this fight!

New Mexico Hospital Workers Union
130 Alvarado Drive, NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87108

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