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  • Jul 20, 2009

    Why Join the Union?

    Becoming a member of District 1199NM is like having a safety net. Your Union contract provides:

    A Voice:  

    Becoming a member allows you to voice your opinion and become active in negotiating your contract without fear of retaliation. In a union hospital you can express your professional opinion and voice your concerns without fear of retaliation.

    Job Security and Protection:

    Your union contract is a legally binding document that sets forth your wages, hours and working conditions. It protects you from unjust discipline terminations, which gives you a voice in case of layoffs.

    Through the grievance process, employees can safely express complaints, and disputes can be addressed by giving you an opportunity to seek the advice and representation of a union representative.

    District 1199NM is always actively organizing and paying attention to working conditions. The union actively defends the contract, ensuring that employees can count on the rights they have negotiated in the contract.  

    Financial Security:

    Your contract ensures our financial security by protecting benefits like overtime pay and differentials. The union fights to ensure that we not only earn a living wage but that wages are competitive.  

    Strength in Numbers:

    With each new union member our voice becomes louder. This means better representation and a better contract. A strong membership sends the message that employees are aware of their rights and are willing to stick together for their rights.    

    The greatest benefit:

    The greatest benefit of joining the union is the strength that comes from the solidarity of your co-workers and workers across the country. You are not alone when you raise health and safety concerns. You are not alone in the fight for fair wages and treatment or when you file grievances. You are also not alone in the national issues that affect you and your family.


    Your contract, your salary, and your benefits are some of the best in comparison to others in New Mexico and in the industry. Hospitals represented by District 1199NM lead the way determining wages and benefits. But only with a strong membership can we continually fight to successfully stave off the erosion of benefits like retirement and health care that has hit so many workers.

    Sign a union card today, and let this only be the beginning of your involvement with the union!

    Jul 20, 2009
    “Why pay union dues?”
    This is a question often asked by members…former, existing and new alike.  A good way to answer that question is to think of your Union as your Insurance provider, and your dues as the premium.  Like insurance after misfortune, your Union will work to be there for you when you need it. Dues come back to the members in many different ways.
    How much are the dues?
    Union dues are only 2% of base pay. Over-time, differentials, or specialty pay are not included in this calculation.  This means that dues are paid by an equitable percentage system. The maximum any member will pay is $37.50 a pay period.
    This works out to cost you approximately 1 - 1.5 hours of pay every two weeks. 1 hour every two weeks to enjoy the benefits of the union and contribute to our continued growth and strength!
    How will your dues be spent?
    Dues Work for You by covering the costs of:
    • Maintaining Your Contract
    • Legal Counsel
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Member Meetings
    • Publications and Newsletters
    • Grievances and Arbitrations
    • Annual Delegates Conference
    • Salaries of Union director, organizers & office staff
    • Maintenance of Union Offices, utilities, equipment & supplies
    • Legislative Representation

    How often are my dues put to use?

    Every day! District1199NM representatives are active at all time, actively monitoring and actively defending the contract. This ensures that your rights are being protected and we are constantly garnering support for contract negotiations.
    What kind of successes the union has had on behalf of workers?
    Every day the union represents workers and defends our union contract.
    We have been successful in ensuring justice in disciplinary actions, mitigating the decisions of management, and fighting for jobs.                      
    Apart from successfully defending workers every day, take a look at your union contract. You will find that your salary and benefits are competitive to others in your industry, and that your dues may come back to you in the form of overtime pay and other apparent benefits won through negotiations.
    By paying dues this union belongs to you. The union is only as valuable and useful as the commitment of its membership.

    So get to work, pay your dues, and change your workplace from the inside!

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